Dr. Katherine Rawlins

Photo taken at the ceremonial south pole, December 1999.  Larger version.

Educational/Professional links

CV (last updated 2016): pdf

Yale Physics at Yale (undergraduate: 1992-1996)
wisc Physics at Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (graduate student: 1996-2001)
uaa Physics at MIT (postdoc: 2003-2005)
uaa Physics at Univ. of Alaska Anchorage (professor: 2005-present)
My animated tutorial on Propagation of Errors: YouTube link

Research links

icecube IceCube
ligo LIGO
spicecube Ongoing IceCube Research at UAA (password-protected)

Ph.D. thesis (2001) postscript,pdf

Recent paper (IceCube Collaboration): "Cosmic Ray Composition and Energy Spectrum from 1-30 PeV Using the 40-String Configuration of IceTop and IceCube", accepted to Astroparticle Physics (2012): arXiv
...result, with systematics in detail (left) ...and compared with other experiments (right)

Fun links

Hoofers UW Hoofer Sailing Club (instructor: 1997-2001)
Winter-over South Pole photo gallery (2002)

Aviation: Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single-Engine Land, Instrument Rating.
"Destination: Madison" flight (2005), and "Beetlejuice Adventure" flight in a Cessna 150 (2012)

Misc. other links

Lunar and Planetary Institute (summer internship: 1995)
KTI/UW-River Falls "Astronomy in the Ice" course (outreach program: 2000)
Paul Andrew's stock photography site and sound production site

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