Pictures: Ways to have fun at the Pole

Make interesting music

Henry Kaiser, Bay Area guitarist, was on a Artists and Writers Program grant to travel to Antarctica...
He uses the geographic South Pole as a slide for his graphite guitar
Kaiser also gives a concert in the gym


The idea is to mix fresh snow from the Clean Air Sector...
With alcohol to make a delightful beverage
Henry, Loreen, and Andy relax at slushies in the ARO building (Atmospheric Research Observatory)

Celebrate a historic occasion

The cake was delicious, too

Celebrate another historic occasion: 90th anniversary of Amundsen's arrival

Getting ready for the ceremony: a Norwegian flag had been flying all day, and the crowd assembled at midnight
Someone had brought a stuffed dog
Katy Jensen gave a little speech
The flag was taken down and replaced

Throw a party in the summer camp lounge

Foosball, Twister, and Ping Pong
Build a human pyramid

Andy's dance classes

This week: Salsa!

Placement of a time capsule

The crowd gathered in a snowstorm
Group pictures

Stage a publicity stunt

An Aussie Footy banner on top of Obs Hill in McMurdo (I have no idea who this person is)
Once again, I have no idea who these people are. Some are just random Polies who wanted to be on television...
Talking about the sport and the stunt for CNN